Split with Skruta

by Internal Damage

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released October 6, 2016




Internal Damage Russian Federation

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Track Name: Hypocrisy
Must separate church from the state
The sycophant abide his fate
But i refuse to mute my voice
Cells of jail, is not a choice

Fuck presidents and patriarchs
The brainwashed now rendered marked
Rage a primal noise
Your hypocrisy i ll destroy

Dogma fed delusion
Police state deception
Mass enslavement through confusion
Enchain the herd by misconception
Track Name: Doomed
this soil used to be
Inhabitancy of forfathers
in harmony and unity
they lived and so would sons

so much you take as you can give
thou shalt not harm
no place for money and greed
they utilize to damage

your generation's doomed
extinction is your only fate
they will destroy your home
your trees they'll ecscavate

eradicate the seeds you'd sown
they'll feed their greed
they bleed the soil for oil
until its empty, dry and dead

lot easier to poison then
to convince the disobedient
lot easier to burn the field then
wait for harvest day

the viral death to most
remainder of your tribe enslaved

soon they will arm brainwashed
their eyes are open, but they are blind
they ll march to final war
to kill and die for money is their god

money is their god
Track Name: Dying Morality
any sickness is mere disorder
either mental or physical
eternal power hunger
a craving for control over humanity

higher status over moral stature
to possess power is to be sick
no use in ruling over peer
for inteligent one it seems clear

the very nature is devoid of
eternal power hunger
no living creature kills its own kind
for sake of power and control
except for man

it s highly unlikely that we ll be cured
from our hunger for power and control
we are no longer part of nature

we are no longer part of nature

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